Childhood is fleeting

I make the Childrens and family sessions as fun and engaging as I can and include lots of silly games, terrible jokes and funny faces to get those authentic smiles. I certainly don’t expect children to be experts in front of the camera (some often are naturally though!) and I completely understand some may find it overwhelming and sometimes quite scary at the beginning of the session. I am extremely patient and will always allow the child to call the shots. If they want to run off or explore, that’s no problem I will go along with them and we will get those smiles that way.

We only have our small children for a few years then before you know it in 4 short summers they go from tiny newborns to little people heading out to school for the first time. I only recently realised how fast the time does go which has spurred me to capture more of my own children’s childhood on camera. Having photographs of your children really is an investment and I personally believe they are some of the most important photographs you will ever own.