My top 5 tips for getting your dream pics!

  1. Be Open and communicate what you do (and definitely Do not) want and your expectations! I offer an in person consultation for all my wedding couples where we chat about must have shots, groupings, family dynamics, timescales and everything to make sure I get those dreamy pictures and understand your family dynamic. It also offers a chance to put a face to a name and connect over a coffee/beer. It's so incredibly important to me, as a photographer, that my clients feel at ease around me and are happy to have me spend the most important day of their lives with me!
  2. Give us the opportunity to capture what you want. For example, if you say you'd love a picture with Grandma but you don't want any formal shots and much prefer candids, no worries, just please make sure you go over give her a cuddle and have a little chat with her after the ceremony, we will capture it but please give us the opportunity too!
  3. Be realistic. If you've seen adventurous images of couples piggybacking whilst paddling in a mountain river during golden hour in their full wedding attire then awesome, (I'd actually love to capture that!) you're both gonna get wet, its gonna take some time for us to hike there but we will have loads of fun and the memories made creating the image as well as the final photograph will be amazing. However, if you're absolutely not willing to risk getting your dress dirty or wet and if it's blowing a hoolie to the point its slippery with 0 visibility then its' just not going to happen. BUT we will find an alternative, equally beautiful shot to take that won't get your Frock dirty or risk somebody having a slip or trip. It's about managing expectations for the environment we find ourselves in and the risks you would or wouldn't want to take.
  4. Trust the process. We work on prompts as opposed to poses. Some of the things we ask you to do may seem really weird at the time but trust us, there is a method to the madness and once you see the final images you will realise and understand why on earth I asked you to walk like you were wearing flippers!
  5. Enjoy the experience! Easier said then done for some people, I get it, but try to RELAX! We notice couples at the beginning of the day that are understandably tense and nervous but after the ceremony they appear much more at ease. And then once the drinks are flowing every couple I've photographed have really let their hair down during their couples photos and had a blast! Wedding days are so full on and they go in a flash, use your photo time as a bit of a breather from interacting with your guests and having that time together as a couple (and me, of course, 3 wheeling from a distance, shouting for you to walk towards me like you're wearing shoes that are 6 sizes too big for you).